The great majority of workplaces are no longer in CBDs, employment sub-centres, or live-work communities


Schlomo Angel is one of the world’s best experts on urban development. He recently wrote a compelling research paper with Alejandro M. Blei and concluded that, “on average, only 1 out of 12 people live and work in the same community; only 1 out of 9 jobs are still located in the CBD, and only 1 out of 7 jobs are located in employment sub-centres outside the CBD.

All in all, the great majority of jobs—3 out of 4 of them—is dispersed outside employment centres, including the CBD, and is beyond walking or biking distance.

Maintaining and increasing the productivity of American cities now require a sustained focus on meeting the travel demands of this great majority of commuters, rather than promoting transportation strategies focused on improving access to CBDs and employment sub-centres, or within live-work communities.”

An article worth reading for any serious students of urban development policy.