Dr Paul Maginn

“When we think about city growth we tend to be seduced by the skyline of the CBD filled with cranes and high-rise luxury apartments.

Impressive and positive as this might be, the real growth of Australian cities in terms of population increase and residential property development lies in the suburbs, particularly the outer suburbs.

Despite this the suburbs tend to lag behind, or be overlooked by state and federal policymakers, when it comes to the provision of physical, social, economic and governance infrastructure.

In an effort to ensure that the suburbs get a ‘fair go’ the Suburban Alliance (along with the National Growth Areas Alliance) has taken up the challenge of promoting the suburbs via commissioning policy research and hosting events with key thinkers and policymakers.

It is positive to see organisations like the Suburban Alliance play an active role in the conversation/debate about the suburbs because the suburbs matters.

They matter not only now but into the future as it will be suburbanites who will decide the outcome of future state and federal elections.”

Dr Paul Maginn

Dr Paul Maginn, BSc Ulster, GradDip(TownPlanning) Belf., PhD S.Bank, is Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Science, UWA School of Agriculture and Environment where he is the Programme Co-ordinator for the Masters in Urban and Regional Planning. Paul is also Editor-in-Chief of Urban Policy and Research; a member of the International Advisory Board for Policy and Politics; Co-Convenor of the Australian Cities Research Network; and, a Board Member of Sexual Health Quarters (formerly Family Planning WA).

He is a founding member of the Urban Broadcast Collective (@UrbanPodcasts), a curated network of podcasts on all things cities and suburbs, set up by a small number of Australian urban studies scholars. He has his own podcast – The Suburbanista Podcast (@SuburbanistaPod).

Designation: BSc Ulster, GradDip(TownPlanning) Belf., PhD S.Bank