Stuff Worth Knowing #6: SEQld attached dwelling demand


From respected planner and property market commentator Michael Matusik:

“Last week’s post sparked a bit of conjecture with a select group of town planners, some developers and inner-city leftie types who, in summation, told me that my future detached housing demand figures were way too high and that many more people will live in apartments and other attached homes across SEQld in the future.

Let me paraphrase some of the replies I got.

Suburbanites are wrecking the planet!

We cannot afford to keep building more infrastructure so far away from the centre of town.

There is way too much traffic – we don’t need anymore – people living in apartments don’t use their cars as much as people who live in houses.  We use public transport.

No wonder Australian’s, on average, are getting obese.  Too many live in suburbia, they exercise less and have to drive everywhere.

And if the last reply didn’t have you shaking your head, then wait for it…

Covid infections are higher in the suburbs.  Fact!  Apartments are safer as we can lockdown more easily.  Many of us can walk to things, not drive or even need to catch public transport.  More will opt to live downtown and in apartments in the future.  It will be safer.  We should mandate that this happens.

Read his response here