More people will live in the country and work from home after COVID, experts say


For the last couple decades, young people in Australian cities have been told they have two basic options: rent forever or else take on a massive mortgage to own a plot in the outer suburbs. If they’re single, they might get an apartment slightly closer.

Even if you’re not thinking of buying a house right now, you’ve probably absorbed that idea already. It may have shaped your decisions about whether and what to study, and whether to travel and spend or work and save.

Now, with COVID and Zoom and the newfound ease of working from home, a third option is shaping up as feasible: moving to the country.

This shift, which is already quietly underway, could have profound implications for your future — deciding whether you’ll one day buy a house, and where, and whether you choose a career that allows for remote working arrangements.

Full story by James Purtill in ABC’s TripleJ Hack