Reshaping SEQ – Logan City

Event Location: The Grove, 480 Queen Street, Brisbane
25/08/2021 9:24 am

The SEQ Regional Plan and State Infrastructure Plan are due for renewal, in this series we talk to civic leaders about what needs to change.

Date and time

Wed., 25 August 2021About this event

The City of Logan is tasked with some of the biggest growth numbers under the SEQ Regional Plan. And it’s been delivering, with record housing starts pushing it toward an increase of more than 250,000 people by 2041.

But it is also awarded very low local employment expectations under the same plan. And under successive State budgets, it is consistently one of the lowest funded regions in terms of total and per capita spending.

How can Logan grow its economy and raise its living standards under these circumstances?

This “Reshaping SEQ” event heard from both the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Logan, along with PIA award-winning planner, Laurel Johnson.

Logan City Council say they are doing the “heavy lifting in SEQ while it’s neighbours Redlands and Brisbane are asleep at the wheel.”
Some controversial claims from Jon Raven – Deputy Mayor of Logan this morning – discussing the planning future and needs of Logan.


There was a great question from the audience and a passionate reply from the Mayor and Deputy Mayor…. “Why does Logan think it’s doing better than the other councils and how is it generating so much development activity – what’s it’s point of difference?” Check it out on LinkedIn