Suburban Renewal in Brisbane

March 8, 2023 @  
Corporate Event

This event explores a new Council strategy that encourages mixed use development including housing on former industrial sites.

Suburban Renewal of former industrial sites into a mixed use future – including housing – is now a reality with announcements by Brisbane City Council. What does this mean and how will the policy be applied? Suburban Futures have secured BCC Chair of City Planning and Suburban Renewal, Cr Adam Allan, along with Dr John Cowie, General Manager of City Planning and Economic Development, as well as Chair of the Lord Mayor’s Better Suburbs Initiative and Suburban Futures director, Ross Elliott, to explain and to anwer your questions.

Event Details

March 8, 2023

Event Category:
Corporate Event

Suburban Futures
Colin Biggers & Paisley Lawyers Level 35 Waterfront Place 1 Eagle Street Brisbane City, QLD 4000

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