Salisbury: A Suburban Renewal Opportunity


The Suburban Alliance held two events in August 2019 to discuss early ideas about the potential of Salisbury as a suburban renewal project.

A breakfast event hosted by Tract Consultants in the City and an afternoon workshop at the Ballistic Brewery, Salisbury, were both well attended. Of most note was the very positive response to the Suburban Alliance proposals (you can download the report for free on the research page).

At the Ballistic Brewery, some 80 to 100 local businesses and residents shared their general support for the proposals. It was a very positive mood and an encouraging sign for the future of the region.

Suburban Alliance Director and Head of Property & Advisory at Stronghold Investment Services, Steve de Nys initiated the project and said he had a soft spot for Salisbury going back over 20 years.

“As the former Head of Industrial at Jones Lang LaSalle, I was involved in a few transactions in the Salisbury precinct and it always struck me as being a suburb that had more potential,” he said.

“Salisbury is 11km to the south of Brisbane, wedged between major road networks, the Toohey Forest and Griffith University. It has a fascinating history and over the years there has been some development activities and refurbishment of old buildings but it hasn’t really gained any momentum.

“What was needed then, and is needed now, is a vision.”

Brisbane City Council has announced it is starting work soon on a new Neighbourhood Plan for Salisbury and will consult further with residents and businesses.

“We hope that our work (visioning a future for Salisbury) will generate public, media and urban planning attention for Salisbury and feel confident that it will add value to the Taskforce agenda,” Mr de Nys said.

“What we’ve presented is not a solution or definitive view but a conversation starter. Essentially, we would like to encourage Council to view suburbs like Salisbury not as an ‘industrial area’ but as an ‘employment precinct’ and subsequently amend its town planning intentions for this area to maximise employment opportunities, regardless of the land ‘use’.

“The new industrial revolution, Industry 4.0 and advanced manufacturing on a digital scale, is coming. Salisbury is ripe and ready to embrace this to become a case study for developing a new world suburb that supports Brisbane’s claim to be a new world city.”


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