Property in the Face of COVID-19 (A UK perspective)


Suburbia is the new black. Enhancing the opportunities for suburbia is no longer a conversation killer in polite circles. More and more companies are exploring suburban work and living options. More and more people are expressing their love of their suburban places.

We’ve been at the forefront of this change, leading with commissioned research, globally curated reference material, events and other content which is revealing new respectability for suburbia.

Following our interview with US-based Joel Kotkin, the Suburban Alliance is excited to present its UK series – Property in the Face of COVID-19, a special collaboration with the BE Group UK.

The BE Group’s Agency Director Simon Roddam and Senior Regeneration Consultant Anthony Meulman, present their experiences of property, the economy and the future of employment before, during and heading out of COVID-19, with a particular focus on the Warrington and Manchester markets of North-west UK. From surprisingly robust commercial and industrial markets to evolving high street retail trends.

In this first video we set the scene in Warrington.

Part 2

This week we continue with our UK video series – Property in the Face of COVID-19, a special collaboration with the BE Group UK with a focus on retail in the UK. Retailing by its very nature continues to evolve, responding to both retailer and consumer demands and expectations. In this video we explore retailing in the UK, before, during and emerging from COVID-19.

Part 3

This week we continue with our UK video series – Property in the Face of COVID-19. From empty retail lots to the now popular local markets. In this short video we take a look at the evolution of Warrington centre over the years and the changes in development trends.

Part 4

Much has been debated about the future of CBDs and commercial office requirements. The latest in the Suburban Alliance’s UK property series discusses emerging trends in employment in light of social distancing and public transport usage, and implication for commercial office space requirements, business parks and CBDs. Check out the video below…


Part 5

Will suburban business parks be the clear winners from consolidation of commercial space as businesses seek to retain and attract talent in the new normal Post Covid-19? Check out the video below…


The future of industry is well and truly here! The UK is demonstrating a clear undersupply of industrial space that meets the needs of advanced manufacturing and new operational practices. 


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