Suburban Alliance Federal Budget submission

The Suburban Alliance budget submission to the Prime Minister in March called for a program of Suburban Renewal led by a Population, Cities and Urban Infrastructure Ministry to respond to the COVID-19 crisis and new trends emerging for suburban work locations.

How would it work?

  • The simplest answer is to establish a unit within the Population, Cities and Urban Infrastructure Ministry, devoted to suburban and regional renewal.
  • A substantial forward budget would be required and offered on a partnership basis to local and state governments where projects or suburban or regional renewal are identified.
  • Before committing to specific projects, basic business case benchmarks should be met.
  • These could be developed in conjunction with, or via, Infrastructure Australia.
  • This has all been done before. Under Hawke-Keating it was called “Building Better Cities.” It can be done again. Call it instead “Building Better Suburbs.”
On the 23 July 2020, the Suburban Alliance recieved a response from the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications