Draft Brisbane Industrial Strategy Review Submission

Suburban Futures welcome Council’s timely review of the Industry Strategy for the City in ensuring that economic and planning strategies will reflect the very real needs of business and industry to be agile, innovative and ready to optimise economic and employment outcomes for the City and the State.

More than 85% of all jobs in South East Queensland are located outside the Inner City area. Ensuring that there are diverse and amenable employment opportunities close to where people live, efficient and effective means of accessing these jobs, must underpin any sustainable economic and planning strategy for Brisbane as a New World City.

  • Critically, it is time to rethink how we plan for, accommodate and deliver real economic and employment growth for the City and how business and industry needs have and are rapidly changing in the operational, locational and premises requirements.This means recognising the extent of redundant, underutilised or not-used-for-purpose industrial land across many precincts in the city. Patterns of industry have changed; modes of production and distribution have changed and with them users have identified more economic and more suitable locations. Often this is outside the Brisbane LGA boundary. Retention of former industrial land in the hope that this land may one day be required fails to recognise the obvious market signals. Getting this wrong by failing to bring planning regulations in line with the market, consigns these precincts to ongoing blight and deprives these neighbourhoods of opportunities for more jobs closer to where people live. Accordingly, the Suburban Alliance supports a revision of BCC Industrial strategy that will:

    Have a flexible Industry (Employment) Strategy for a New World City that is agile, innovative and maximises economic and employment opportunities.

This must by its very nature:

  • Encourage the optimal development of employment lands
  • Facilitate amenable working and business environments
  • Integrate residential, education, health and other mixes of uses more appropriate to the location
  • Contribute to business confidenceAttract private sector investment
  • Contribute to employment growthContribute to investment and construction activity
  • Facilitate business and economic productivity and efficiency
  • Provide flexibility of use
  • We welcome the opportunity to continue to engage with the Brisbane City Council in ensuring the timely and equitable delivery of employment lands to support suburban and regional economic growth and prosperity.


Suburban Alliance – Industrial Strategy Covering Letter 200821

Suburban Alliance – Industrial Strategy Submission 200821