A Fairer Deal for Suburbia – Video Series

The Suburban Alliance pre-budget submission earlier this year identified some glaring distortions in regional spending within South East Queensland. This series of videos summarises the findings, relates them to house price performance, and calls for a number of suburban projects to be supported to restore some fiscal balance to geographic budget priorities.




In the previous episode, we revealed how distorted the budget spending has been on a geographic basis. The inner city has been receiving three times to five times more spending per person than the suburbs.

This has been happening for much longer than our budget research was able to reveal. In this short video, we look at how this spending imbalance has impacted house prices.

VIDEO 3: The Wish List

Covid-19 shutdowns have allowed many of us to appreciate the value and appeal of our suburbs.
But many of our suburban centres are suffering from chronic underinvestment in long-overdue infrastructure.