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How to fix a broken street
Boarded up high streets are a challenge. This story explores one such street in Baltimore (USA) and asks local owners and others what’s needed to fix it. “One property owner complained about what they called “municipalism”, or the idea that all problems can be solved through bureaucratic layers. These layers 0 Comments
A new kind of suburbia
A New Kind of Suburbia, sought to do many things, reflecting our varied interests as architects, urban designers and researchers. With an expanding portfolio of suburban projects across our busy Dublin and London studios it felt particularly pressing to critically examine our design thinking in relation to emerging social issues 0 Comments
A MANIFESTO FOR A NEW SUBURBIA Eight ideas for future-proofing the suburb
America’sAmerica’s suburbs are changing—how can that change be harnessed for good? “Even suburban communities with a seemingly large supply of ‘developable’ greenfield land should think hard about business as usual,” says June Williamson, co-author of Retrofitting Suburbia. “The time to pivot is now to address 21st-century challenges.” Curbed asked eight experts to 0 Comments
Recalibrating new suburbia
A few years ago, my partner and I wanted to rebuild our family home in Melbourne’s northern suburbs. I’m talking proper far-northern suburbia. Not Brunswick or Fitzroy, but a terrain complete with industrial badlands and identikit postwar homes that have had only one owner. We wanted to hire a firm 0 Comments
New rail loop to reshape suburbs as major road shifts for traffic-free connections
A major road in Melbourne’s east will be shifted and a new linear park built to enable traffic-free public transport connections as part of the $34.5 billion Suburban Rail Loop. The new park and pedestrian plaza planned for Box Hill will push southern lanes of Whitehorse Rd, between Nelson Rd and 0 Comments
Sticking to the suburbs: Why Perth workers are staying away from the CBD
Perth residents have stuck to suburban centres coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic instead of visiting a ‘hollowed out’ CBD, where retailers are crying out for the return of interstate and international visitors. A report prepared for the Committee for Perth by the University of Western Australia, released on Thursday, 0 Comments
‘Our cities are changing’: Pandemic brings suburban ‘boom’ for hospitality
The pandemic has had lasting effects on the hospitality industry, according to a report by rostering platform Deputy, which found that the new normal will be shaped by changing cities and worker shortages, with the industry forecasted to need 140,000 new jobs filled over the next five years. Deputy’s Staying Open: Future-Proofing 0 Comments
The suburbs as they are, and could be
Much of the dispersion we’re seeing in our cities has less to do with the pandemic than with underlying shifts in technology, environment and culture. It’s time to radically re-imagine suburban Australia, argues Dan Hill, by using new technology to reinforce the idea of the suburb as a shared condition 0 Comments
Vancouver’s suburban success story
Much is made in planning circles of the lauded Vancouver downtown. But it seems that on both jobs growth and population growth, the suburbs are winning hands down. “With most of the region’s growth in employment and population occurring outside of the historical urban core over the past decade, reports 0 Comments
A sustainable suburbia
By Alan M. Berger, Professor of Landscape and Urbanism at M.I.T. and Director Emeritus of the M.I.T. Norman B. Leventhal Center for Advanced Urbanism; and David Gordon, Professor and former Director of the School of Urban and Regional Planning at Queen’s University, Ontario, Canada.  Our development strategy for suburbia in 0 Comments