Beta-Max, planning schemes & other outdated formats


Our planning system is a contemporary as the two-tone brown tracksuit I used rock on my paper round. (Don’t get me started on the defined term, Main Road.) Countless councils are pouring (wasting?) squillions of dollars into schemes to “activate” local centres like they’re David Copperfield. And office tenants are swept up into the Retail Leases Act but cannot occupy the very properties that its moniker would otherwise suggest.

Tenants are bashing landlords. Landlords are bashing tenants. And no one is winning. Like their immortal Dead Parrot skit, John Cleese and his Monty Python cohorts would have a field day with sum of these parts.

So, you may be thinking, ok smarty, what’s your solution?

Read the piece by Suburban Alliance Victoria division council member, Simon DÁrcy from Cucumber Offices here