Density and Disease
Cities are, by definition, the “absence of physical space between people,” as Harvard economist Edward Glaeser describes them. Their success depends on the face-to-face contact now perilous to our health. Contagion turns the logic of cities on its head. “If you’re close enough to share an idea,” observes Glaeser, “you’re close enough to 0 Comments
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How coronavirus could forever change the look and feel of Australia’s cities and suburbs
How the pandemic might affect the way we make decisions on workplace location, transport modes, and shopping. 0 Comments
Why live in the suburbs? (from 1954)
An enjoyable read from way back in 1954 when the suburban growth boom was well and truly underway. But even back then, people were being criticised for loving suburbia. This Canadian article could have applied almost as equally to Australia. Read the full story here 0 Comments
Steve Austin 612ABC interview on suburbia
ABC radio’s Steve Austin interviews the Suburban Alliance’s Ross Elliott on a range of ideas for a future suburbia, in response to coronavirus and other influences. Listen online here. Interview commences at 1:12:05 0 Comments
Are cities prepared for home based working?
If yesterday’s futurists overstated the extent to which the Internet would usher in an era of remote working, perhaps we underappreciate its virtues today. As many Americans experiment with working from home in the weeks and months to come, an untold number may join the ranks of home-based business operators—and 0 Comments
The coming age of dispersion
“I don’t see the point of driving an hour to go from one computer screen to another.” That’s how one millenial views commuting life. In this fascinating new article author Joel Kotkin argues that the Coronavirus and work from home responses are only accelerating a trend already evident: the exodus 0 Comments
Ballarat and Bendigo are two of Australia’s most liveable regional cities
Thought about moving further out of Melbourne? Here’s another reason: Ballarat, in the Central Highlands of Victoria, has been named Australia’s most liveable regional city. It was closely followed by other Victorian regional cities with Bendigo and Geelong making up the top three ranking in the new RMIT Centre for Urban Reseach’s 0 Comments
1 million rides and counting: on-demand services bring public transport to the suburbs
The technology-driven revolution in urban transport is largely centred on the inner city. It has completely missed the suburbs, which lack the public transport services and shared micromobility devices, such as e-scooters, that inner-city residents enjoy. But new technologies, skilled operators and willing governments may have produced a solution for 0 Comments
What Jane Jacobs Got Wrong About Cities
“… though widely celebrated for her insights and unabashed embrace of dense urbanism, Jacobs may ultimately prove more influential than relevant. Her writing was often incisive and inspiring, particularly when she opposed planning and overdevelopment and embraced the role of middle-class families in cities. But the urban revival that has 0 Comments
Studying the wrong cities will mean repeating their mistakes
Cities selected as exemplars for Australian planners and urban developers often have little in common with Australian cities, or more often than not have some glaring social issue – like homelessness or unaffordable housing – entirely glossed over. So why do we keep going to the same places for ideas? 0 Comments