Are Seattle’s Millennials Headed for Hipsturbia?


MICHAEL LUIS from Post Alley recently wrote this article about Millenials bucking trends and assumptions in Seattle. Will we see a similar trend in Australia?

Luis wrote; “(Millenials returning to the suburbs) does not bode well for longstanding assumptions about reduced demand for single family homes. The Millennials and their children are looking for back yards. And, contrary to another piece of received wisdom, their Boomer parents are not leaving their suburban homes in great numbers. We are not likely to be creating suburban ghettos, abandoned by Boomers and shunned by Millennials. 

“Lee’s study comes to a sensible sounding conclusion: those Millennials who are forming families will likely head to the burbs, but those who stay childless will likely stay more urban.

“Rather than continuing to focus so hard on Jane Jacobsian urban life, with its expensive and limited appeal, we need to reimagine and urbanize old-fashioned suburbs. Hipsturbia won’t look like the old suburbs, but it won’t look like Greenwich Village either.”