About Suburban Futures

Our Mission: 

To promote a better understanding of the important role of the suburban economy in the life of our cities, through shared insights, information and analysis.

Our Vision: 

Progressive cities where quality social and economic infrastructure is equitably distributed across both suburban and inner urban locations

Our Goal: 

Equitable quality of life for suburban residents by facilitating greater employment, leisure and retail choices closer to where people live.

“Suburban Futures is a not-for-profit collaboration of people and businesses who believe that opportunities for greater suburban quality of life, business opportunity and economic expansion could get more attention and support than they currently do.”

To do this we need your support. There is strength in numbers and the more people and businesses who subscribe for regular updates (they’re free) and become corporate members the more influence we can collectively have. There are no industry groups or lobby groups who are promoting the infrastructure, business or community needs of suburban centres but there are plenty of advocates for inner urban infrastructure. Suburban Futures seeks to restore some balance to this. 

We are not a lobby group but instead intend to promote leading ideas, world-class thinking, and local issues. Our initial focus is on metropolitan areas but if we get enough support we would hope to expand to include regional centres also.


Suburban Futures Directors help guide the growth and direction of the organisation. All directors are volunteers.

Simon D’Arcy

Managing Director Cucumber Officers, President of Suburban Futures Victoria

Lisa Nixon

Managing Director, BBS Communications Group

Ross Elliott

Co-Founder Suburban Futures

Steve de Nys

Stronghold Investment, Head of Property

Kerrianne Meulman

Urban Economics MD

Simon Horne

Angel Loop, CEO

Guy Gibson

Independent Director


Avid Property Group