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Suburban Futures is the leading advocate for the suburbs as the place where most Australians live, work, play and learn.

We champion a more equitable share of public investment in the suburbs as places of vital economic activity, significant employment opportunity and the hub of community life.

Suburban Futures is a not-for-profit collaboration of individuals and organisations established to highlight the critical role that Australia’s suburbs and regions play in the economy, vibrancy and liveability of the nation.

Our advocacy is built on an evidence-based platform of commissioned research, global insights and shared public policy and market intelligence.

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There are no industry groups or lobby groups who are promoting the infrastructure, business or community needs of suburban centres but there are plenty of advocates for inner urban infrastructure. Suburban Futures seeks to restore some balance to this.

We are not a lobby group but instead intend to promote leading ideas, world-class thinking, and local issues. Our initial focus is on metropolitan areas but if we get enough support we would hope to expand to include regional centres also.

The Case for suburban renewal…in just 3.5 minutes

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